I never stop looking for new ideas that will allow my home to get smarter and smarter. Lately, I have been stubbornly focusing on making sure my Home Assistant can get full and direct access to my alarm system.

The reasons for this choice were various (the most important is the third one!).

  • Why not? 😬
  • The more I work to centralising my home intelligence into a single platform, the more I am convinced that it actually makes a lot of sense. …

I have been working with Home Assistant for one year now. And I am one of those guys that like trying things out. I like to — who would not agree? 😬 — make sure that things are working fine. But I also like ensuring they are configured the way I like. So I can modify, update and configure again and again everything in the easiest possible way.

I really like this approach. But, there is a but! I like it until I have to do everything from scratch again — and again, who would not agree? 🤞

Snapshots are…

My journey in the exciting world of smart homes started one year ago. Initially, I simply wanted to be able to control my KNX-based covers directly in my Apple Home mobile app. But I ended up doing so much more.

I learned that it is not necessary – and it probably does not make much sense either – to spend a lot of money on complex and old style home automation platforms. Anyone powered by curiosity and some DIY instincts can transform his home into a smart home.

How? Simply by taking advantage of one of the many home assistant…

The Shelly 1 is my preferred smart WiFi switch. It is defined by the producers as the smallest, smartest and most powerful WiFi switch.

It can be used for:

  • controlling an outlet;
  • transforming a switch into a smart one;
  • behave as a relay.

The relay option may be the most complex one, but it is probably the most useful one when it comes to controlling lights. In fact, differently from the diverter option, with a single relay it is possible to control one or more lights from multiple buttons.

The wiring documentation on the Shelly website is really good. But…

My latest purchase related to the word of the smart home automation has been a Shelly U&T sensor: a battery-powered sensor able to measure both humidity and temperature.

I was looking for a small and affordable sensor that I could easily integrate into my Home Assistant — the mind behind the my smart home — and this Shelly sensor was my final choice.

Why did I pick it?

  • It is definitely small, only 3–4 cm in radius (yes, it’s a little sphere).
  • It’s is battery-powered and — Shelly says — the battery should have at least 1 year of life…

Recently I have been doing some renovations at my place and I had the chance to setup some basic domotic features. In particular, I asked my electrician to wire all my blinds with KNX while thinking “I will configure and setup the rest myself, I can do it!”.

I wanted to control my home (not only blinds!) with the Apple Home app — in general, the idea of automations is great — while being able to make direct requests to Siri.

Did I manage it? Yes!

Was it worth it? Definitely yes — even if I am not really sure…

It has already been three years since our company started to propose consulting services focused on data science and Machine Learning — time really flies. I had the chance of working at various projects in different vertical domains and I tried to collect a few — and in my opinion key — insights that should always be considered when tackling such a topic.

Obviously Machine Learning is not trivial but, if approached and handled with the necessary precautions, it allows to create value out of data (which is by the way the core mission of U-Hopper) while simplifying and automating…

Carlo Caprini

Smart Automations enthusiast 🤖 Sport addict 🏃 Product Manager @ U-Hopper

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