Yes, also Home Assistant needs a Snapshot every now and then: is this enough?

I have been working with Home Assistant for one year now. And I am one of those guys that like trying things out. I like to — who would not agree? 😬 — make sure that things are working fine. But I also like ensuring they are configured the way I like. So I can modify, update and configure again and again everything in the easiest possible way.

  • All SSL certificate setup allowing remote and secure access to the Home Assistant instance.
  • People setup, together with any device association that could provide location based services.
  • HomeKit integration 😅
  • All the Lovelace setup, that had been created directly from the UI.

1. Creating a new snapshot every now and then

I would say, at least each time something gets changed in the Home Assistant configuration.

  • In the Snapshots tab click Create (you can optionally specify a name for your snapshot).
  • In a few minutes you will see a new snapshot appearing in the Snapshot list.

2. Configure the Snapshot backup in Google Drive

There is a great add-on that can be configured in a matter of minutes. It allows to configure and automatically manage the synchronisation of the Snapshots within Google Drive.

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